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Juffrouw Jansen is as feminine as her name suggests. She loves classic combinations in black and white but also likes to see the world through rose-tinted glasses. We can only speculate how old she is—style is timeless, as Coco Chanel already established. And that’s exactly how it is. Inspired by classic films and style icons of yesteryear, Juffrouw Jansen allows you to relive times gone by—nostalgia with a hint of that down-to-earth Dutch attitude.

People sometimes say that Juffrouw Jansen is as Dutch as ‘drop’—the country’s famous liquorice sweets. Could that be where her love for the colour black comes from? Her wardrobe always contains a stylish little black dress with corsages, beads or bows. These are the kind of designs that you can wear for cycling to the supermarket but that would certainly not be out of place on the red carpet. Casual chic is probably the best way to describe them. Her choice of fabric provides guaranteed comfort: the press has already nicknamed her ‘Miss Jersey’ because of her signature material.
Although she is proud of her Dutch nationality, Miss Jansen is a globetrotter. Chances are you’ll meet her one day in Hamburg, Toronto or St Petersburg! And she always returns to Amsterdam with a suitcase full of inspiration for the upcoming season.

Those who pay her a visit know that things never look the same way twice at Juffrouw Jansen, thanks to her love of art and design. Besides an impressive collection of handbags, pearl necklaces and hats, her art collection is constantly expanding. And that love is entirely mutual: artists embrace her sophisticated nonchalance and her dresses were immortalised in the paintings of Sam Drukker—an incredible honour, although Juffrouw Jansen certainly doesn’t let it go to her head.

Speaking of heads, make sure you head to the Juffrouw Jansen Museum by way of the spiral staircase shaped like a giant pump in shocking pink. Be amazed by the stylish décor with a surreal touch—like the white cocktail table whose legs are shaped like lascivious women’s legs. This design from the Couture Furniture series was created by the Netherlands’ most famous shoe designer, Jan Jansen—no relation—and is a tribute to Rubens’ beautiful women. Femininity through and through is how Juffrouw Jansen likes to see it.


Little girls grow up and a ‘juffrouw’ (Miss) becomes a lady. In 2011 the time is ripe to take the next step, which means Juffrouw Jansen will move into a brand new head office in Amsterdam South East.

After a thorough renovation, the result is really something spectacular: prepare yourself to be welcomed by a gigantic pink court shoe that acts as stairs. Juffrouw Jansen made the design herself and hired a carpentry company and a leather specialist to execute her design. Even Holland’s most famous shoe designer Jan Jansen – what’s in a name – was impressed by the gigantic pink heel.

Perhaps not as prominent but equally as eye-catching is a vintage jukebox (for all you connoisseurs, it’s a quite rare Wurlitzer 1800). It was bought at an auction but is still in perfect working order and it fills the rooms with nostalgic music. There is an anecdote for just about every object in Juffrouw Jansen’s head office: from the wooden stable doors to the arched windows, which actually came from a Belgian convent.

Barbara de Bruijn and her husband Peter van ’t Veen, who formed the label together, share a passion for art. Between them, they bought all the paintings and the Sciolari and Barovier lamps that adorn the premises. In actual fact, the glass lamp from the Italian artist Carlo Naso is a very limited item and there are only a couple in the entire world so Juffrouw Jansen can consider herself lucky to be the proud owner of one, just like Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé. ‘We realise that sometimes visitors come from far away,’ Peter and Barbara explain. ‘Our customers’ travels will be rewarded by offering them an experience when they visit us here. This is a place where showroom, studio and design all come together to give you the feeling of a gallery: the Juffrouw Jansen gallery! Because fashion is art and art is fashion!’

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